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Re: You can't always be patient

Doctor Lecter wrote:

"The m4/3rd solution killed off the functionality of great Oly 4/3rd lenses"

Really? From what I've been hearing, they work great on the EM-1. Look, I get the temptation to run when the sky is falling... but I'm gonna wait around and see if it actually falls. As of now, it's stationary and still generating those wonderful Oly Blues.

It's true that Canikon have a huge lens catalog, but are they as good (pound for pound) as the Oly HG & SHG lenses?

In the beginning most weren't. Today I would say many of them equal or exceed them and that's because while Oly stopped development of 4/3's - the rest didn't just stand still. They continued and progressed greatly.
Canon 24-70 mkII

Superb, almost flawless optics,Impressive flare resistance,Fast, silent and accurate autofocus,Excellent build quality including weathersealing"
Canon 70-200 f2.8 mkII

"updated to give image quality that's quite simply the best in its class. Effective autofocus and image stabilization systems, plus full weather sealing, round off a compelling package"

Pound for Pound you couldn't compare them on price though as a discontinued system's lenses will always be cheaper and a fabulous deal for the few that are sticking around. My point is people have often treated olympus glass like nothing out there matches it and well it wasn't completely true in the beginning and it certainly isn't true today. Time moves on, lenses get better. Heck sigma has been releasing some amazing lenses lately which for some I would put against some of the best of the best, pound for pound they're getting harder to beat and provide another nice option and spur competition in the market which is always good for consumers.

Plus, they're already engraving the headstone for aps-c... so those DX lenses have a short shelf-life. FF will likely stay around for a while, but in an SLR form??

As my Dad used to say to me, "when you don't know what to do, it's best to do nothing at all."

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Dr. Lecterer

Another way to look at it is that some people would rather buy the tools that are gonna get the job done so that they can better focus on the photography. Once your tool starts becomming a distraction, something that holds you back then you're no longer putting the photography first, you're sticking around because you're loyal to a brand and not necessarily because it's the right choice for your photography.
People rather take advantage of what's out there today then to distract themselves with what's holding them back yesterday. This isn't to say one must upgrade every year but one must know when to move on, it can be the difference between capturing something you couldn't before and further enjoying photography or getting a feeling of anxiety knowing you couldn't capture something because of your gear.

Photographer first, gear second

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