Did you know using PS is cheating?

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Re: Some people like Miley Cyrus .....

edispics wrote:

Some people don't

Some people do a bit of post processing

Some people do a lot of post processing

Some people like forensic photography

Some people like artistic photography

So what? When the "Correct Photography Police" appear, then I will worry.

My apologies to Mako.  You were right after all.  I assumed the "discussion" was being brought here to discuss the interesting matter (interesting to me) of photographic-motive, but Florida Nature Photography was brought here to be lambasted all over again with nothing learned and nothing interesting being discussed.

In philosophical terms, there is nothing that can be said that cannot be misunderstood by someone.  Quoting someone's words all over again don't help because FNP continues to have his mild motives in using them and others continue to read his words differently.  Words are not self-authenticating.  I personally can't see negative motives in anything FNP wrote, but because they are being attributed to "him" (sorry FNP for thinking you a "her") this discussion probably isn't going anywhere interesting.

Lawrence (mildly interested in philosophy)

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