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Hacking the XYST1M Multi Interface Shoe microphone

Having read this tutorial  (adding audio input to a ECM-SST1 on a NEX-5), I thought doing the same on the XYST1M would be fairly similar.

The author basically takes the mic's board out, desolders the microphone from the board and solders a female jack instead. Done.

I own a XYST1M and took it apart. The main difference with the SST1 is that there are 2 stereo mics (3 wires each) instead of one, so one would have to figure how to replace both by a single stereo jack. I don't know if merely linking the wires of both mics would work.

I've posted a more in-depth investigation on hackaday .

Any thoughts ?

To the poster who suggested to wire a mic directly to the shoe: AFAIK, the camera won't do anything with connected accessories until they identify themselves (4 pins dedicated to accessory identification). So unless somebody reverse engineers the identification system, we're dependent on existing accessories (aka the XYST1M or the XLR adapter)

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