So How do I use this thing....?

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So How do I use this thing....?

One of those rare occasions the other day when my wife and I talked about photography.

We were looking on the iPad at some pictures she had taken at a "ladies day" away to celebrate a major birthday of a close friend.

She had taken the pictures with her EM-5. And very nice they were , too. She has a good eye for composition and a nice sense of timing.  She "sees" well.

We got to some pictures where she was in the frame.  Apparently she had random passers by, fellow guests or staff at the leisure resort take the pictures for her.

Some of them were fine.  Others were not.  Clearly the shooter made no attempt to compose or even fit everyone in.  Bodies had been decapitated.  Limbs were lost.

My wife observed that each and every person held the EM-5 and stood paralysed, not knowing what to do with it.  People eventually held the camera out in front of them and, reassured that they could see the image on the back, snapped away.  They were also freaked out by the lens sticking out, but still chose to hold the camera on the body rather than cradle the lens.

It seems we really are entering an era where the viewfinder is dead.  Had it been a phone, there would have been no hesitation.

Even my wife confessed that she seems to have "unlearned" the instinct to use the VF after so long using only a phone for pictures.

Maybe I should have bought her an Olympus Pen...

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