Did you know using PS is cheating?

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Re: Did you know using PS is cheating?

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

brick33308 wrote:

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

For those who don't click through to the link I didn't say that using PhotoShop is cheating.

You said "Another reason that I stay away from PhotoShop/Elements. To me that is cheating"

In the context of our discussion I was saying that I see no need to ADD Photoshop to my tool kit because Lightroom does the basic things that I need and I already know how to use it. I said nothing to infer that those who use Photoshop as a post processing tool are cheating.

I have no quarrel with you. Please stop mis-characterizing my statements. Thank you.

Mis-characterize??? I simply quoted EXACTLY what you said - nothing more, nothing less. And although you're attempting to wiggle out of and explain away what you said, your words speak for themselves. It would actually be possible to respect you if you had the character to own up to a momentary lapse into boneheadedness rather than attempt to say "black is really white" like so many of our politicians in D.C. do. But you don't have that and/or are so convinced of the righteousness of your position that you're incapable of acknowledging a different point of view.

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