Did you know using PS is cheating?

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Re: Did you know using PS is cheating?

brick33308 wrote:

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

For those who don't click through to the link I didn't say that using PhotoShop is cheating.

You said "Another reason that I stay away from PhotoShop/Elements. To me that is cheating"

In the context of our discussion I was saying that I see no need to ADD Photoshop to my tool kit because Lightroom does the basic things that I need and I already know how to use it. I said nothing to infer that those who use Photoshop as a post processing tool are cheating.

I have no quarrel with you. Please stop mis-characterizing my statements. Thank you.

Oh, please, he is just quoting you.

There are plenty of people that share that opinion, so in a sense, whether you recant now in the face of the retouching forum inquisition doesn't matter. If I were you I'd stick by my guns a little more, it could make a whale of a difference :-).

In my view, if it isn't illegal, or break a rule of a competition, it isn't cheating unless you get caught. So you had better be good at it.
- Bill

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