My Full-Frame Pentax(ian) DSLR and Lenses

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Re: My Full-Frame Pentax(ian) DSLR and Lenses

Few photographers bought a first generation 645D for $10,000, then $8500 & now at $6999 compared to tens of thousands of Canikon Full Frame DSLRs sold.

645D is now $7,000 with no lens whereas Canikon both sell Full Frames for under $2,000. During the Holidays that entry price dropped to $1500 as it does every year for the past 3 years prior to Christmas.

This is a hobby for me & I assume a hobby for most here. I will never spend $7000 for a camera, any camera from anybody.

I continue to wait, since 2002 when I bought my 1st Pentax SLR new for Pentax Ricoh to put out the long overdue full frame to see if I want it or cash out of all my full frame glass. Some have waited since 2000 when the Full Frame Fantasy was announced some 14 years ago.

K Mount is designed for 24x36mm, Ricoh needs to put the colored crayons away & offer up 24x36 !!!

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