Switch to EM-1?

Started Jan 22, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: I shot with NEX-7 and E-M1

joeletx wrote:

I don't own the NEX-7 but occasionally shot with it in school events and it was not easy to cope after having the E-M1. There is no contest here with regard to AF, EVF and responsiveness; I feel that IQ is also better with the E-M1 and I can't explain why. I don't have 12-40 yet but with the 12-60, the E-M1 by far the most satisfying camera for me right now; I had owned E-500, E-3, and E-5 since 2006.

IQ is very nearly equal between the two cameras. The 7 will win due to more detail from the higher MP count. But from ISO 800 onwards, the EM1 will outclass the Nex 7, noticeably by 1600 and by a wide margin by ISO 3200.

The general IQ difference in favour of the EM1 you see is mainly due to the better high quality (in general) glass that's readily available for the EM1. Shoot both with the kit zooms and they both look rather terrible.

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