Did you know using PS is cheating?

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Re: Did you know using PS is cheating?

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

...In reworking a photo a new background was added that was not present when the photograph was taken and I responded to that with the comment "To me that is cheating".

My post was an attempt to generate friendly discussion on the limits we as photographers should set when enhancing a photograph.

I am very new to this craft and I am trying to establish for myself what is and is not reasonable...

This subject has come up repeatedly. There are two views of photography. One view holds that the camera should capture things just as they are. I call this forensic photography. The other view holds that photography is an art and anything goes. I call this artistic photography.

There is room in life for both kinds. I would guess that most of the inhabitants of this forum lean toward the artistic since "retouching" is widely used in artistic photography. They will argue that forensic photography is only of use in newspapers and court.

I believe that both kinds of photography are possible in the same image, but it's a challenge and involves more setup than postprocessing work.

The forensic photographers have to recognize that all photographs are processed. The data on the digital sensor is not a viewable image. To get something that will show on your computer, the data has to be processed to form a jpg, tiff, bmp, png, or some other file format that the computer can display. For many cameras, the processing is done within the camera. Even film was developed and printed, and differences in the chemical processing can lead to different images.

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