Did you know using PS is cheating?

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Re: Did you know using PS is cheating?
In reworking a photo a new background was added that was not present when the photograph was taken and I responded to that with the comment "To me that is cheating".

My post was an attempt to generate friendly discussion on the limits we as photographers should set when enhancing a photograph.

It's a fair question, but one you'll have to decide for yourself in the end.

In the days of film, you'd frequently visit a hotel room only to find out it was a lot smaller than the photo in the brochure you used to book it, because the photographer had used a wide angle lens to make it look more spacious. Cameras can be made to lie, always could.

For a portrait, I'm not sure the actual background matters, since the subject is the person and the background is simply that, a background.

But I've also seen digital photos that were tortured beyond belief - even here. Including one in particular of a landscape that was almost completely manufactured - the colors were glorious, but there were at least 5 different light sources from the "sun", all at different angles. It garnered a lot of praise from some members, but it gave more experienced photographers a raging headache.

My personal rule is that my photos have to be true to the subject so a stranger coming on the person or scene wouldn't feel misled. So for example, if I screw up exposure of autumn leaves, I happily adjust the color/exposure in PS to the way I remember it, but I never turn green leaves red.

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