Which Camera to take on a Cruise??? 6D or S100

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Re: Which Camera to take on a Cruise??? 6D or S100

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If anything, you may regret getting home and not being able to blow up some really great shots to anything bigger than 14x12s. When you do travel photography your eyes are wide open and you get some real opportunities to get some nice wall hangers. These days I wouldn't travel with anything less than µ4/3 camera. Bodies are so cheap that you can get high IQ large scale prints and not break the bank.

But you just advised him to take the S100...?

No, I advised him to take a smaller camera. On your on shore days you really are going to get sick of lugging around a full frame DSLR everywhere. What I stated if you read it is that a camera that size, or similar is a better choice.

But he's in a berth and can store his camera there if he doesn't want to lug it. I've lugged my D600 and lenses all over the bloody Colorado mountains and it was worth it if image quality is the issue.

In this case where the OP has a bag full of lenses the canon EOS M is a good choice, you can buy

He didn't want to take a full bag of lenses. Don't make that assumption. A 6D + 24-105 is an incredibly versatile combination and not too heavy. You don't need more!

the body for the same price as a high end compact like the RX100 and still have more options. The kit pancake and a zoom would be all that you would need and it would not be a large step down in terms of IQ from a 5D and you would actually feel like carrying it around all day with you rather than dumping the 5D over a cliff after an hour of lugging it around.

But I think he would lose image quality and barely gain an edge in weight. The 6D + 24-105 is a formidable set.

You have completely misread pretty much everything that I wrote, if I were going to take just the one camera it'd be the 6D by a long margin, but there is a good compromise that will get good results and be more enjoyable to carry around 90% of the time. That is the only reason I suggested it... If the OP didn't have a bag full of Canon lenses already and had a full frame, lets say, Nikon I'd say just take the Nikon. With the price of the EOS M body its something worth considering simply for convenience sake alone.

I just really hate to suggest someone buy another camera. The simple fact is that you only save a few ounces. If he buys the kit lens for the EOS-M, he's really taking a step back. Why suggest someone spend more money?

I never have and probably never will see a backpacker walking around all day with a full frame DSLR and there's good reason for this, they are simply inconvenient cameras at the best of times. I

Then you've never been backpacking! It's a very common site and you would have seen me carrying a D600 with four primes last August. You get low noise, very large images like this:

Once again you seem to have missed the point, I didn't suggest he take a bag full of lenses, I suggested he take one or two and a light body, I've actually spent months at a time on foot, and done some serious backpacking off the tracks across Europe where most people don't go. It is a lot more than "a few ounces" in weight that will be saved. Could you please take the time to actually read what I stated next time?

You sure would lose IQ, but it's simply about making the trip about the trip and not the camera, anyway this matter is resolved. The OP has stated he's happy to take both cameras.


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