Did you know using PS is cheating?

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I can see why

Mako2011 wrote:

brick33308 wrote:

Or so says Florida Nature Photagrapher in his post (linked below) responding to my retouch of the OP's photo (per her invitation). Immediately following his assertion are my 2 separate responses.


Why bring the argument here?

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I can see why -- or rather, I can imagine a good reason for it if I were in that discussion (which I just read most of).   This discussion was buried and lost in the very long Newgirliz concerns, so it is interesting to break it loose as Brick has done.  I've thought about this quite a bit, should I strive for complete accuracy in a photo, use PP only to make things just the way I saw them (to the best of my recollection and ability)  if my camera can't, or didn't through my ineptness?  Or should I take the accurate photo, if reality turns out a bit drab, and make it more interesting?  I tend to compromise.  If a photo is fine as it is, I leave it alone.  If the photo doesn't look like the reality I tried to shoot, I will try to retrieve the reality with Light Room.  If on the other hand, and despite reality, I have a photo I might otherwise delete, I don't mind playing with it in PP.  That's just my view at the moment.  I have a bit of an artistic background and have, through a Topaz preset made a photo look more like a painting, and liked it, but I really don't know why.

In regard to the argument it sounded to me like Florida Nature Photographer was objecting to the extremes that Photoshop is capable of, putting a whale on her couch for example.  She (he?  I don't recall) wouldn't have objected to making a photo look more like reality -- can't be sure, but that was my impression.


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