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AJSAUco wrote:

and everyone forgets that these may not be "new" customers but existing Pentax customers upgrading. If that's the case it's really not a good thing for us. The sales figures we need to know are lens sales. If lens sales are rising with the body sales then it's likely they are tapping a new market which is what needs to happen. It's time for a large marketing push...

No doubt that some marketing could help. However, some of your other thoughts I don't agree with...  Even if we attribute the sales to a reignited Pentax fanbase, then there will be additional lens sales - owning a 24MP camera for the first time, these customers will be looking at DA* and Limited lenses now, in order to make the most of the new capabilities.

Also, from what I know about Canikon beginners, it's clear that 90% will only buy the camera + kit lens, and then, after taking just a few thousand pictures, let it sit at the back of their shelf for the next two years.

I realise that Pentax customers are more discerning on average, because the brand is not as Walmarty, but I don't think they all necessarily jump in there with a three or four lens combo right from the start either. In fact, giving them an affordable 2 lens all-WR kit option (for the K-50) is quite a good move, because it reinforces the idea that they have a choice. The truth is that making sure they know where to find the lens unlock button takes them that crucial first step along towards long-term LBA. Also, lenses are not the only accessories with a margin. The higher power consumption of the K-3 could be driving battery sales, for instance. (I do remain curious as to how much of that is due to the AA oscillation.)

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