Do I have potential?

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Re: Everyone has potential

One last thank you. (Sorry if this is getting boring!)

Thanks Roel. Brilliant advice. Yes it's St Ives. And yes, there are places here that I do go back to again and again (for example the old jetty in pic #4, which is only visible on a very low tide) trying to get the shot that makes me feel that I've finally got the one I want!

I'll definitely do what you suggested and look up other people's pics and see what I like about them. Great advice. And thanks so much for the link. I didn't know about that forum and will make it a weekly wednesday visit.

Thanks so much - and to everyone else. I know that people sometimes get into controversial subjects and get into conflict with each other on this site, but my experience up to now is that people are extremely knowledgeable and very generous with their wisdom and advice, and it is much appreciated.

Best wishes


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