Nikkor AiS 300mm F/4.5 ED-IF/E-M1...

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Paul Auclair Veteran Member • Posts: 4,477
Nikkor AiS 300mm F/4.5 ED-IF/E-M1...

trying out some "old" manual focus glass and how to shoot super teles.

f5.6, IS on and hand hand held. SooC.

the stoat was super twitchy and any/all small movement and/or sound (including shutter click) sent him off...only got a couple shots of the stoat.

the squirrel (look waaaay up and to the very right) was actually putting the run on him(her) for quite some time.

did not see this shot until I got home and looked through images...

iirc i was focused on the squirrel and saw the stoat and just panned down ( a little too far)  for the shot.

a question to you super-tele shooters...i've got a terrible (sloppy fit) Kipon adapter.(Thankfully I arrived home today to find the postman delivered a much better (Big_is) adapter that fits very well). I wonder if the sloppy fitting adapter has/can/will effect sharpness?

Or is it my bad technique that leads to not so sharp images?

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