Fuji getting REAL serious!

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Re: Fuji getting REAL serious!

Zardoz wrote:

Steve Bingham wrote:
Uh, I had them both and tested side-by-side as did dpreview. And YOUR experience?

I'm intimately familiar with something called reality.

jyhfeei wrote:
I agree that the Df sensor is better. Maybe 1+ stop. But at ISO 25600, the FF sensor is done and ISO 102400 is a marketing joke. So that's worth $1500+? I'd rather have two more fast Fuji lenses which I will be able to carry.

There are always diminishing returns. Is it worth $1500 to you? No. To others? Sure. Is the difference in price/quality of the X-mount gear over a P&S worth it to you? Yes. To others? No. Value is a completely separate argument and tends to be very subjective. Sensor performance is not.

And the gains continue to diminish as years go by.  When new sensor technology comes out with DR that is 10EV greater than it is currently and ISO 100,000 is noiseless, we still have FF users saying "Well my sensor goes to 11".

The thing is, the most gravitating feature of FF is the DOF control.  Fuji has done a good job to satisfy this need with fast optics.  Is there anything to match a FF 85 f/1.4 or 50 f/1.2, no.  But, these are niche lenses even for FF.  And they would defeat the purpose of a more compact system.

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