HX300 at a friend's seaside garden

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Re: HX300 at a friend's seaside garden

karlreed wrote:

jcmi wrote:

Aisse Gaertner wrote:

OMG! From now on everytime I eat Outback's kookaburra wing, I'll remember where it comes from!

Hmm, we do have a tendency to eat our beloved native animals - kangaroo steak anyone?

I am very worried to hear that Kookaburra wings are available in a restaurant in the US. Here is the recipe,http://outbacksteakhouseathome.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/kookaburra-wings_24.html but, I'm sure that this is only a dummy to keep the truth from any Australian customs agents who may be trying to gather evidence for use in prosecutions. It would seem to be a great catch 22, if you don't serve what you advertise, I assume you are in breach of US consumer law.

I have a couple of kookas who scavange in my suburban backyard in Eltham Vic, but, I hadn't considered eating them.

Nice photos..

Most amusing Karl. Hope you enjoyed the rain today - I've just returned from a pleasant walk with the dog in Yarra Bend park, smelling the lemon-scented gums. I live in Clifton Hill, but am close to natural bushland so see and hear kookaburras regularly. The one in the photo was down at Anglesea.



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