DA 15mm in Eilat, Israel ? Which shop ???

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Re: DA 15mm in Eilat, Israel ? Which shop ???

I think the main pro camera store in Eilat is "Camera Eilat" (http://www.cameraeilat.co.il/), perhaps others too.
I  know fellow Israeli photographers who drove all the way to Eilat to buy tax free (reduced?) gear, but I don't think it is very common now, probably more for tourists, P&S and such.
The main issue though is finding any DSLR Pentax equipment in stock there, and for that matter, anywhere in Israel.
I live in Israel all my life, and a devoted Pentaxian (one of very few in Israel...) for over 30 years now. All my Pentax gear (including the DA 15 mm) was either mail-ordered (mostly B&H), or purchased while tarveling to the US, or ordered locally from the Pentax rep in Israel (typical 4 weeks delivery). lots of C&N stuff in stock all over, not Pentax...

Suggest to your wife to enjoy the wonderful warm climate of Eilat, visit the breath taking under water observatory, take amazing desert tours around, swim in the peaceful red sea, and look elsewhere for the DA 15mm  


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