Swing dance competition w/ RX10 (Indoor-sports test)

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Re: Would have been a good situation to use flash

lancespring wrote:

This would have been a good situation to use a powerful external flash with a bounce card/diffuser.

Put the camera in manual mode, lower ISO to about 500 or 640, keep shutter speed the same, and close the aperture slightly to f/3.5

Flash really excels in dark interiors like this.


Totally Disagree here.

A bounce card or diffuser is useless in an high ceiling situation. The distance to the subjects matter a lot too The flash head needs to point forward to get power.

What you could try first is flash compensation on the plus side, heck bracket it. You can also try a Stofen Omni-Bouce that is used with an accessory flash.

A built in flash is a waste of time with something like this. You need a powerful flash.

The other issue is if flash is even allowed because of distractions. IF that is is the case a DSLR as it stands today is the only solution.

With that in mind Fuji Film is about to announce the Fuji XT-1 that is rumored to date as being able to address the problem of quick AF and I assume to the degree of what a DSLR can do, but again nothing for another week at this point.

DPREVIEW has this on its main page today.

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