Do I have potential?

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Re: Do I have potential?

NewGirlLiz wrote:

a passionate obsession

As you have discovered there are as many opinions about photographs as there are photographers. With that in mind, follow your new passion. Do it for you and not someone else. What makes you feel good about a photograph? I got into this many years ago by looking at photographs. What makes some photos "click" and others not so. The dawn of digital photography has brought out the best and yes the worst of photography. Because of the ubiquitous nature of photography these days, everyone is a photographer. It has "dumbed it down" to a certain extent. BUT, it has also brought out the creativity of some brilliant photographers who suddenly can express their vision of the world without much technical knowledge.

I would encourage you as the last poster did to just keep shooting. Don't expect a perfect photo from every outing. Just isn't going to happen. You have a complicated camera there, and it won't produce great images, but you and your passion will. But it takes time and lots of bad photographs to develop your vision.

Just put it on automatic for awhile and develop your eye. No matter of technology and post-processing will make an average photo great. It might make it appear better. But the content is what counts. Content is king.

As an aside to what I am trying to get across to you, look at the link below describing how Kevin Russ documents the American West with an iPhone and Instagram.

Not a lot of fancy technology and post processing, just "a passionate obsession" and a personal vision.

Good luck. And one more thing....have fun! Life is short.


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