Fuji getting REAL serious!

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Re: Fuji getting REAL serious!

TThorne wrote:

Zardoz wrote:

vkphoto wrote:

Fujifilm's 16 mp sensor already gives Nikon's 24 mp serious competition -

It is on par with Nikon's 16mp FF sensor (D4/Df). Period.


If you have ever wondered what mini real ware with fresh squeezed lemon felt like exiting the nostrils, I could describe it to you in fair detail after reading that comment. Seriously, I almost got it on my keyboard.

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I agree that the Df sensor is better. Maybe 1+ stop. But at ISO 25600, the FF sensor is done and ISO 102400 is a marketing joke. So that's worth $1500+? I'd rather have two more fast Fuji lenses which I will be able to carry.

The Df is the Edsel of cameras. Kai at DigitalREV hit it on the nose. The review is perfect.


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