Which Camera to take on a Cruise??? 6D or S100

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Re: Which Camera to take on a Cruise??? 6D or S100

hikerdoc wrote:

I would definitely take both if space in luggage is not an issue. Your destination and planned activities for each day can dictate which one(s) you carry.

Kind of where I'm headed.  I think I will take my canon back pack as carry on through the airport.  I will take a minimalist approach to gear.  No tri-pod, no flash, no ....; just camera and a couple lenses.

The difficulty I had was that we were typically on shore from about 0900 to1500 each day. Four or five cruise lines all dock each day at these ports at small towns, each unloading about 2000 passengers. Tourism is the main income for many. It is frequently anticipated that you tip residents whom you photograph. It was hard to find opportunity to get the image desired without multiple anonymous fellow cruisers in the image at many of the arranged venues. There were a few times when away from crowds that the gear seemed to attract attention that made one a bit uncomfortable, although I never felt threatened. There were however some exquisitely beautiful vistas we encountered on hikes and at secluded beaches that really were better preserved with the D700 (or your 6D) than any point and shoot.

That covers some of what I worry about.  If I'm going to go para-sailing or something like that, I'm not going to let myself be in a situation where I leave a 6D and L-glass unattended.  I may have been born in the dark, but it wasn't last night. lol

I found the cruises gave me a flavor of destinations I would like to return to in a non structured setting and with plenty of time. The islands do not really become themselves again until after we all get back on the boat!

I totally agree with that sentiment.

Thanks for the input.

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