Is the X-T1 ergonomically superior?

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Re: Is the X-T1 ergonomically superior?

To me the X-T1 looks ergonomically superior to all the other Fuji mirrorless cameras for much the same reason that SLR's replaced rangefinders. The EVF is in the centre of the camera with controls on both sides, the ISO settings are on top as well and below 2 of the settings knobs are additional settings.

It looks symmetrical, balanced and yet compact.

The X-T1 looks likes the most desirable X camera yet and possibly the most desirable mirrorless so far.

This is the FM camera we Nikon shooters were dreaming of before the DF1 bloatmaster was released.

Now if only Fuji did a superzoom 18-200 lens, bigger zooms will suite this camera.

The ISO dial will require you to move your left hand from shooting position in order to change ISO.

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