70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

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Re: 70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

lost_in_utah wrote:

Despite what the evidence and data says, you still disagree? The DR may be great to you, but relative to other cameras, it's not that great.

Imaging Resource shows the 70D yielding 13 stops and the D7100 yielding 13.1 stops.

If you think 0.1ev is even noticeable in print, much less the difference between "great" and "not that great", then you need help.

IR does note that D7100 recovered shadows have less noise. But the difference only matters to measurebators in forums. You apply more NR to recovered Canon shadows, and nobody can tell at large print sizes (i.e. 24").

And no, I don't care what DxO has to say. Given 14-bit ADCs you cannot even physically get the DR they claim for some cameras. And I'm not inclined to trust any site that tells me an APS-C DSLR has higher overall IQ then a Hasselblad MFDB. If you want to believe that nonsense, go right ahead.

The evidence tells a different story and believing in someone contrary to the evidence only shows your delusions.

The only delusions here are those of people who parrot DxO claims without actually comparing prints.

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