Question about Canon DSLR bodies w/150-500mm or 150-600mm

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Re: Question about Canon DSLR bodies w/150-500mm or 150-600mm

A couple of things.  First, none of the crop-sensor bodies from Canon (SL1, T5i, 60 and 70D, 7D) will autofocus well (or at all) if the lens's maximum aperture is less than f/5.6.  F/6.3 is less, so you might have some AF problems when you're zoomed out to where the aperture goes to f/6.3.  That would be true of the big Sigmas as well, although they might AF to some degree anyway. Second, you ask which Canon DSLR bodies have better noise control/high ISO performance than the SL1.  All the current full-frame bodies do; those are the 5D Mark III, the 1DX, and the 6D.  The 6D has been selling recently for less than $1500 although perhaps not anymore; the others are considerably or vastly more expensive than the SL1.  But they all are much better.  I actually think the 7D is the worst of the 18 MP crop sensors in terms of noise, but I can't really say I have done any tests, and anyway, it's not much worse if it is at all.  The 70D seems to be the best of the current crop cameras for noise.  I agree with Jeff when he says don't worry about the lens/camera balance.  While you're shooting, you're supporting the lens by holding it, not the camera, anyway.


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