Why is there no love for the HX300..?

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Re: Why is there no love for the HX300..?

B1ackhat wrote:

Unlike the RX100, which easily bests the pocketable competition in IQ, the HX300 doesn't seem to be the best at anything (for my needs anyway). It offers near equivalent (perhaps ever so slightly less) IQ compared to the competition. Past experience tells me that the Canon's IS is almost assuredly better so nothing of interest there. Canon and Panasonic have a better menu system imho so that's a wash as well. If I wanted the best handling camera and the one that offers the best shooting experience, I'd probably go with Panasonic. The JPEGs out of the Canon SX50 or the Fuji easily best the HX300 in terms of color accuracy, AWB, and noise handling. This is of particular importance considering that the HX300 isn't capable of shooting RAW. That last one is a deal breaker for me. I simply cannot live with 90% of the JPEGs produced by my Sony cams, so RAW is a must. I'm not trying to bash the HX300 or even say that it's a bad camera, but rather just saying that from my perspective, there is no reason to go with it over the competition.

FWIW, I have previously owned the Sony HX100, Canon SX30, and Panasonic FZ35/FZ40/FZ100/FZ150.

I couldn't have the Canon it's far too small, two of my fingers just fit round the grip, it appears to be made for a child's hand and the EVF is all but useless, you would end up using it at arms length to view the LCD and quite frankly look a plonker.

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