Which Camera to take on a Cruise??? 6D or S100

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Re: Which Camera to take on a Cruise??? 6D or S100

Thanks to all for the varied comments.  You are giving me plenty to think about, and that is what I was hoping for with this post.

A few points:

  • I do have the 24-105, and had thought about just taking it.  I was concerned about taking a lens with a red ring on it to someplace like Jamaica.  Lenses like the pancake are so unassuming, they don't draw attention to what you actually have in your hands.  Red Rings and White Bodies just scream $$$$, in my mind.
  • Some people have mentioned the weight of carrying the 6D, and someone else mentioned the op-tech strap.  I have a Black Rapid that I love, and it makes it very easy to carry the 6D all day long.  Even with a 70-200 f/2.8L.
  • Somebody mentioned the sand and water.  Someone else mentioned the harsh light that comes with the times when you are ashore.  All of these are concerns that lead me to think I wouldn't take the 6D off the boat, except for the stop in Key West.
  • People have asked what the priority of the trip is, and unfortunately it probably isn't photography.  That is just a side benefit.  I'm really just looking to spend quality time with the wife, without kids, work, or schedules.
  • Someone else pointed out the need to take a lot of memory cards.  That is something I hadn't given enough thought.  I will fill up even a 32gb card in a short time.
  • Something else to think about is battery life; the S100 battery life is lousy.  And, I only have one of them.  The 6D is excellent (as longs as you keep wi-fi and gps turned off), and I have multiples of those batteries.

In the end, I will probably take both.  I will take the 6D w/24-105 for on the ship, maybe Key West.  And I will use the S100 for going ashore.  I doubt I get any "wall hangers" in noon time light in the tropics.

Thanks again for the comments, please keep them coming.

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