Do I have potential?

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Re: Do I have potential?

NewGirlLiz wrote:

Thank you so much for all these replies. I feel so encouraged and really happy to have put myself 'out there' with these pics now. I'd been finding that I was going out and taking 50 photos, thinking I had some good ones, then coming home, putting them on my computer and thinking they were all rubbish! I'd been wondering if I was mistaken in thinking I had a good enough reason to pursue this new hobby, but now I feel encouraged and motivated to carry on throwing myself into it.

Huge thanks!


I liked your images.   They remind me of a couple of years ago when I got my first MFT camera!


Start shooting RAW along with your JPEGs right now.   That way you'll have the RAW files to play with when you really get good with post processing.

Read Gollywop's Exposure Vs Brightening before you read too many books on "Photography" as it will prevent the potential confusion caused by "The Exposure Triangle".

I played with Photoshop Elements and Lightroom when I first started getting serious -- about 18 months ago.  I found PE easier to use but didn't learn nearly as much about "the light" as when using Lightroom.   I still have PE12 but rarely use it.  I use Lightroom 5.3 all of the time and enjoy it a lot.  I look forward to getting the RAW files out of the camera when I get home to see what I REALLY DID GET.   A good feedback loop to keep me enjoying this hobby.  ( I have virtually NO experience with full Photoshop, but do play with other imaging applications.)

I am an elderly guy with a scientific background who "got serious" after using P&S for several year.  I am amazed at the difference in the quality of the imagery that I make now compared to a few years ago.  So are my long suffering friends!

Most important advice:   Have fun!

And, when in doubt, check your progress on the following graphs:

Keep posting the pix that either challenge you or that you enjoy .... or both!  ... Lots of very helpful people on this forum.


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