Do I have potential?

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let's hear it for Photoshop

for what it's worth, when I started post processing, I skipped Elements and went straight to Photoshop. And FYI, at that time Lightroom didn't exist. Was there a learning curve? Yes, but not so great as many people think. There are so many good and free tutorials on Photoshop (including the always entertaining and very knowledgeable Russel Brown - ), that I would encourage you to flex your brain and go for it. Also, if you hang out in the Retouching forum as I did you'll learn from people with all kinds of experience with Photoshop who are only too glad to answer questions, including retouching photos that you post to the forum with explanation of their work flow. I don't mean to be boastful, but these days I know my way around Photoshop pretty well - thanks to what I just recommended to you. Start off with fundamentals of understanding layers and masks, and the rest will come quickly.

p.s.: yes of course you have potential just looking at the composition of your pictures.

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