Hope any new top end DX body is smaller, lighter and made of composites

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Re: Hope it fits and is user-intuitively engineered.

karl k wrote:

The weight is usually in the optics, because glass is heavy.

The future D400 should be a tech pacesetter for Nikon.

Keep it around 20mp and skip leave the movie features with Sony.

I never understand why people think it's smart for anyone to make a camera without video capabilities.  Even if you don't use it, all you see in the camera is one extra button (which Nikon has made programmable in some cameras) and a few menu items.  Why is it a sacrifice to have a camera with video built-in?  You're not going to save any meaningful amount of money since the video capabilities are already developed (did the Df come out cheaper without video?  No).  I, for one, don't intend to buy my next dSLR without video capabilities so I would very much like my D400 to have video.

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