What lens caps are you guys using?

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Re: What lens caps are you guys using?

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Avoid the Zeikos caps. I bought one for for one of my lenses (a 52mm) and the darn thing flexed in the middle every time I pinched it to open. Basically acted like a bird's wing flapping the sides up and down. Did this affect the lens caps function? Not even a little bit, but it felt cheesy and I found myself using it only my least used and least favorite lenses.

Additionally, the rear cap is going to be standard on every lens because they all have the same mount on your camera. So regardless of size, the rear caps are interchangeable on your camera.

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That's what I thought, until I tried swapping the OEM rear lens caps of my 70-300 and my 50. They are not the same fit. The newer lens (50) has a different design and does not fit the 70-300 well.

Thanks for the tip on the Zeikos. I think I'm going to give the Tamron caps a try. Only thing is, the ones on Amazon do not look like my Tamron cap for my 17-50. Have they changed the design recently? It looks like an improvement, closer to the Nikon design.

My apologies, I got it backwards: the older Nikon cap that came with my 70-300 VR does not fit well on my new 50mm f/1.8G, however the new cap from the 50 does fit well on the 70-300. Might be a case of the older caps not fitting well to the newer lenses.

The newer cap also fits the Samyang well.

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