Do I have potential?

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Re: Do I have potential?

Sure, yes they look good. Depending on what you are doing or want to do. Are you trying to or have a desire to make money at this?  Do you want to do product,weddings, Travel,stock (which is a huge category), try to get something in a gallery? It keeps going.

Some say pick a speciality or call it focus on a particular area.

That can involve the need for specific gear, not just a camera and lenses, but filters, lights, reflectors all the accessories for a certain area, but that is just a general thought.

I guess the question is now what?  Maybe a degree in photography so you can apprentice with a local photographer?

Just saying photos look good, but it is all on you to take whatever that next step is. That can be just picking a theme and exploring it and building a portfolio. These days 99% of all the photographers I know not only shoot but edit, so knowing software is important as well.

Last, if none of these apply, just shoot for the enjoyment of it, that is how it starts.  I would think even professional baseball players or musicians like what they do, but at the core it is a business.

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