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How the Frozen River image was created

It's always interesting how people perceive an image. Norman's reply and comments from other viewers imply that people may be perceiving the frozen water as looking from one shore directly across to the other side. In reality I'm actually about 100 feet out in the river and looking downstream. The sunlit hills on the left are on the east bank and the shaded hills are on the west side with the river flowing through the pass between them in the far distance. The compression in space seeming to narrow the river is the effect of the 84° angle of view of the wide focal length lens coupled with the terrain.

Take a look at the panorama image again:

Right along the bottom to the left of center there is a large dock that extends about 100 feet into the river. I am out at the far right edge of the dock facing down river to the right. The island like projection into the river in the panorama is the lower shadowed hill in the river image, with the mountain behind the island the larger one in shadows. The cut-line through the sunlit hills on the left in the top image is the road through Fort Smith that leads to the bridge in the panorama.

With the camera set to 24mm (84° angle) for the widest view, I took the exposure off the far sunlit hills as being the best example of the overall EV of the scene combined with my preset -1/3 EC. This was also my intended focus point with the wide depth at this focal length, so I didn't have to do a multi-step process. I then pointed the camera down at the ice floes that were piled up at my feet, raising it slowly moving slightly side to side until the composition fell in place in my mind's eye. Making sure the handheld camera was level, I pressed the shutter. I was happy with the LCD review.

I was a little sad I didn't have my full frame camera and my 12mm (124° angle) rectilinear lens with me. That would have really made an impressive image. So for a few moments I thought about attaching the camera to my tripod (the QR plate is always on the camera when I'm out and about) and doing a multi-image panorama. But with the wind now ripping at the exposed portions of my face, I thought better of it and slid back across the ice on the dock to the somewhat sheltered shore. Note to self: I love my SX50 but I have to remember to still carry the big gun more often. The SX50 is just too addictive.

I hope this is of some help to people in getting unusual views in their photography.


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