Why I am not buying the X-T1

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Re: Why I am not buying the X-T1

John Gellings wrote:

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

I own the X-Pro 1 and the X-E2. I've decided to pass on the first generation X-T1 because I believe my money would be spent more wisely on lenses. I've already pre-ordered the 56 and will probably pick up the 23 and the 55-200 and maybe the 14. Bodies come and go.. but the glass is the constant shared with all of the X bodies. I don't think I can go wrong in the acquisition of glass.

Of course when the X-T1 finally comes out and it turns out to be mind blowing in capabilities and features... well... you know how that goes.

APSC Fuji lenses could get left behind at any time in the next few years. I wouldn't think of any of this stuff as long term anymore.

I don't.. just as I never think of buying any camera gear as "an investment".  I buy gear to use it knowing that the value goes down the minute I take it out of the box.  It is a given that camera bodies come and go.  Lenses are slightly different.  They tend to have a longer useful life.  The only lenses that seem to hold their value and in some cases actually appreciate in value are Leica.. and rightly so.

When new bodies and lenses come along I consider whether I will get real use out of it and if the output will be better than what I already have before making the purchase.

One of the problems that exists today is the level of pixel-peeping.. many not realizing that when printed many of those terrible photos with aberrations look fine.  Pixel-Peeping has its place but taken to extremes it can be extremely limiting.  I'm sure there may be some in these forums who have never printed anything and just post online.

Do remember when auto-focus lenses hit the photography world and how many of those great old manual focus lenses ended up at photo-fleamarkets and swap meets at giveaway prices.. now lenses that used to sell for $15 and $20 are selling for hundreds due to adapters that work with so many different cameras.  It's all good... and there will always be a better camera and lens tomorrow or the next day.  Nothing wrong with that.

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