What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

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Re: What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

SQLGuy wrote:

Yes, but we're seeing a definite recurring story in A7/R reviews: people that have never used focus peaking that don't realize it's a feature that takes time, thought, and practice to use correctly.

I didn't elaborate, but I think you're exactly right. I don't think we're getting the right people reviewing the camera. I dare say, dpreview camera reviews are generally silly in what they ding a camera for.

My only point was that at least I can see him struggling with the settings and it tells me which settings to aim for with legacy lenses.

When I was shooting horse jumping the other day (for practice and fun, not professionally) I first did my trap focusing with magnification. Then, later, when I had a bit of time, I started trap focusing with focus peaking and verifying with magnification. Once I'd figured out the range of "in focus" highlighting for the aperture I was using, I could easily sweep the peaking area over the target, and get the same precision of desired focus with peaking I was getting with magnification (and seeing in the final shots). This allowed me to focus first on one jump, take the shot, then switch to the next jump and get the shot as well... something I never could have done with magnification.

I need to hear more of this. A7 in the mail...see below.

A lot of reviewers seem to think that peaking, however it's set up, means that all highlighted areas are in THE plane of focus, rather than realizing that peaking is showing them the areas within their current depth of field - both in front of, and behind the point of precise focus.

Yes, I think you're right.

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A7 with kit lens and a number of legacy lenses (mostly Canon FD)

So you like the FD lenses? I have an A7 in the mail and an old FD 135 3.5 in a fotodiox just waiting to be used. So I'm keen to hear how people like FD lenses on this beast.

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