Irrational views on SLT part duex

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A Practical Use

JimmyMelbourne wrote:

Is it just me or does the iso 6400 photo look less noisy?

Im not sure how this can be a solution for anything, when shooting at iso 100 the image turns black so reviewing the image after the shot will be difficult.

It's not just you.

I've quietly hung in with this discussion because it's intriguing and enjoy learning something new.  However I'm not quite there yet when trying to discern if there are real world practical advantages to doing this.  I'm no expert by any means but the ISO6400 image still looks better to me, despite the promise of low ISO benefits.  If that's the case, then the point of all this is...?  Am I reading too much into the examples?

It's almost as if what's being said here is that shutter and aperture are irrelevant because you can just shoot ISO100 and push PP everything (keeping the same exposure settings as the higher ISO that if used gives you the preferred shutter speed & f-stop), and I know that can't be the case.  6-stops seems extreme; is there a more reasonable expectation on how far one can reasonably push this technique?  What are the differences between APS-C and FF sensors in that regard, if any?

While I personally prefer keeping the limit to 1-2 stops (also to help with chimping), an application, or two is achieving higher DR and Color Depth which you can expect ar lower ISO. If I needed a scene that required ISO 6400, I would likely use ISO 1600 with 2-stop adjustment during RAW conversion.

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