UV Filters....Yes or No?

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JerryCurtis wrote:

nandbytes wrote:

All that I can advice is if you go down the filter route then buy one that will have the least effect on IQ.

When you have a filter on your lens all the time, you get accustomed to the less-than-ideal performance of your lens, and don't realize that it's the filter that's coming into play. Maybe 90+% of your shots will be largely unaffected by the filter and you will get complacent that it doesn't present an IQ issue, until you encounter a lighting situation where it does, and the filter is the last thing you think of as contributing to an inferior result.

agreed, hence I mentioned least effect on IQ. I actually only use them when I find the environment particularly dusty. Like a stormy beach or when I was coming down Mt. Fuji (people were kicking up so much dust my friends p&s LCD was scratched really bad). Plus I end up using filters anyway like ND grad or polarising etc. So half the time I am not overly bothered by my lens getting damaged.

So I feel having a really good filter to protect your expensive lens might be necessary (for the 10% when you lens might be compromised) just as much as its necessary to appreciate it can still degrade you IQ in 10% of the situation you mentioned. Like I implied in my original post it shouldn't be a binary 'yes' or 'no' decision, its more of a informed decision to use it in appropriate situations.

As far as cleaning my lenses goes, I almost never do this - except with a rocket blower (unless I get the very rare finger smudge or something on it). Habitual wiping of the lens before or after use is totally unnecessary. A little loose dust, or even a scratch or two, on the front element will have absolutely no effect on your images, as this guy proved conclusively. Dust on the rear element is more likely to cause a problem, and we don't use filters there

Also agree. But when people spend good money on a CZ lens, they want to take care of it like their baby lol.

On the flip side, as lens prices rise expotentially vs the rate of gain in IQ, one may not want to negate the IQ gain of their expensive CZ/G investment. While I understand the concern under limited harsh environmental conditions, I find it virtually impossible to imagine a viable situation where an object or projectile could find a path or trajectory to avoid the protection of my lens hood and actually strike the front element. Examples of broken filters that I've seen all appeared to be drops/side strikes on the filter frame, which would also be mitigated with an attached lens hood.
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