Shutter Shock - Size DOES Matter!

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Re: Natual frequency matters

NCV wrote:

Anders W wrote:

NCV wrote:

TheEye wrote:

A larger mass will be more effective at isolating vibration.

The mass makes absolutely no difference. It is the natural frequency of the object that matters.

When the frequency of the vibration in Hertz coincides with the natural frequency of the object, the oscillation ( shake) tends towards infinity.

That's a rather special case and there is no reason to think that this case is an important one in the context of shutter shock.

What I am saying that a very small impact load as the shutter opens or closes could be magnfied.

I realize that. But there is no indication that it is magnified. It may well be significant even without magnification.

I was talking about the basic structural dynamics principals at the root of this problem.

See above.

Shutter shake if it exists is caused by either by something vibrating and causing resonance in the camera or an impact load causing the camera to move in your hands (improbable).

On the contrary, there is significant evidence that the latter is a common mechanism. The situation is more unclear with respect to the former, although I am certainly not ruling it out as a possibility in at least some cases.

If you know how to do it, one can get a structure weighing many tons to vibrate by swaying on your feet.

However the mass helps with camera shake as it requires more effort to move the object.

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