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Re: Discussion has already helped a lot

tn1krr wrote:  I'm getting a loaner Canon 135/2L tomorrow and gonna test it too. On the process I've learned something new and I can shoot with more confidence that something else than shutter vibration is ruining my tripod shots in the future I should also get my Lensalign target + Focustune Software soon, hopefully tomorrow; I'll check if I can use those for analysis. Obviously they are meant for PDAF microfocus adjustment, but since the software can make sharpness analysis on the target maybe it can moonlight analysing this too.

I have had good success in similar endeavours with the open source, free and (as far as I can tell) quite accurate MTF Mapper .  It comes with executables to measure MTF50 spatial resolution and a program to generate neat charts to help perform focus fine tuning and other resolution related tasks 'scientifically'.  I used it to get the MTF50 measurements off the slanted edges in DPR's new studio scene raw files shown in the graphs of the earlier post: a very good tool at an unbeatable price.  The downside is that one needs a little familiarity with dcraw and the windows command line interface.


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