70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

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Re: Not that impressive.

Considering the fact that the pictures were shot at 100ISO, I'm not impressed.  Many cameras on the market can do better than that.  I just can't explain myself the luminance variations on these pictures.  There is lots of red noise one some pictures as well.  Was the temperature very high when you shot these pictures?  Looks like the sensor produces an abnormally high amount of read-out/dark noise to my eye.  High temperature or the excessive use of live view would explain that.  Can you confirm?



Don't know shooting circumstances, original raws are from two reviews, I just downloaded and tested them. Only adjust was exposure +

Honestly, I'm impressed by the results. I can't see any disturbing noise, but fine grain and preserved detail. Again, are Sony Exmors the kings of clean low iso DR? Yes! But, Canon has done a great job here

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