What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

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Re: Typical of this forum

DT200 wrote:

Which of YOUR old manual focus lenses is "WAY BETTER" than ANY autofocus lens? Which situations are you talking about?

No need to shout. "WAY BETTER" doesn't really mean anything, especially capitalized, when you don't define the point of comparisons.

There are older MF lenses which are as fast as modern alternatives. There are many that are cheaper and lighter. Enough are similarly sharp particularly in the centre, even if the modern alternative has better vignetting control or is larger to provide better edge sharpness. A lot are better made with better MF actions. Mostly they have aperture rings, and don't need power to focus or stop down.

But if you want a specific example, the Canon FD 50/1.2L versus the EF 50/1.2L They give a similar look, but the EF is better in most respects. However the FD small, light, and has a good MF action, and its size is well suited to the A7.

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