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Re: Discussion has already helped a lot

captura wrote:

Jack Hogan wrote:

captura wrote:

robert1955 wrote:

Truth is there is quite lot of evidence [do your own google], including well conducted testing after initial observations that A7r under some circumstances delivers results that are not as good as should be expectedn that shuttershock can happen with the A7r. You're free of course to call that evidence into question, or say that the effect is not visible under your viewing circumstances, but the you will have to participate in the discussion, not try to stifle it.

I'm sure you are aware that the A&r does not have an electronic first curtain. Don't know about the time delay, but that is at best a limited work-around, not a solution.

captura wrote:

I did not refute that the evidence of Shutter Shock or other similar effect in other cameras. Specifically, Sony's original NEX-3 & 5 models had it. Consequently Sony introduced the e. first curtain shutter. I have personally witnessed the effect with my 2 Olympus cameras and the solution for me was to employ the 1/8 second delay offered in the menu.

My point was again; there is no evidence of this phenomena in the A7r.

A lot of hot air. How many useless threads have there been on the subject on this forum?

Either present your evidence or if you don't (because you can't,) then search some more. Using Google or any other means. I've argued this subject with lots of others, on two different forums. It always comes down to the same thing; no evidence. The M43 people would simply love for your stuff to be true, because they are backers of the EM-1, which is a camera that I actually admire. The EM-1 actually does have Shutter Shock.

You cannot back up your statements but want to continue in a propaganda-like manner. So you must be a Troll.

Not knowing either one of you I can only comment on what I read in this thread. I don't think robert1955 comes across as a troll, nor his statements as propaganda-like. He simply seems to disagree with your claim that there is no evidence supporting the issue under discussion and your attempts to discredit him because his point of view differs from yours.

Ah, the well trodden tradition of shooting the messenger when the message is not agreeable...

Then maybe you didn't know that that this exact discussion keeps cropping up every 2 weeks or so. It has never been resolved so let's kill it. People introducing the same old arguments and yet there is absolutely no evidence.

You do understand that arguments like "3rd party lens", "bad adapter", "paid attention seeking troll/m43 fanboy", "bad setup" does not actually turn many well-presented descriptions by professional photographers of the issue into "absolutely no evidence"? And neither does constant repeating "absolutely no evidence". This is science, not a shout vote.

The discussion around this issue has already helped a lot. Different approaches (battery grip, added weights, long lens supports, tweaks for further solidifying L-Brackets when shooting vertical...) have been found on different forums/blogs to eliminate or at least lessen, depending on the lens/setup, the effect for those who are affected.

I've already found parts needed to bulletproof (nothing in my current lens set was showing other than very very faint or irrelevant traces of this) my current lens set and now know how to test/work with my future lenses too; I'm getting a loaner Canon 135/2L tomorrow and gonna test it too. On the process I've learned something new and I can shoot with more confidence that something else than shutter vibration is ruining my tripod shots in the future I should also get my Lensalign target + Focustune Software soon, hopefully tomorrow; I'll check if I can use those for analysis. Obviously they are meant for PDAF microfocus adjustment, but since the software can make sharpness analysis on the target maybe it can moonlight analysing this too.

I'd like to see Sony doing their best on the firmware to see if they can help us combat this with more simple methods and open discussion and well presented test cases in different sites/blogs can propably push Sony to do that too.

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