Which Camera to take on a Cruise??? 6D or S100

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Re: Which Camera to take on a Cruise??? 6D or S100

I have done a number of the Caribbean cruises. I would primarily suggest the smaller camera. I usually take a D700 and a couple lenses as well for selected occasions. I carry a little V1 on most "shore excursions". The poverty on many of the islands makes one feel very self conscious with large expensive gear. Cruise sponsored shore excursions in the Caribbean tend not to lend easily to great photo opportunities and tend to have crowds and/or tour buses/vans. Many include beaches, sand not being a great companion with photo gear; or water with snorkeling, jet ski or sailing which may also limit use of the DSLR. On many of the action excursions such as rain forest zip lines you are required to remove all gear and store in lockers. You can always go off on your own, but actual free time at any one island is limited and tends to be midday with high contrasty sunlight and shadows. They generally have you out of port (and hopefully in the casino) by the time of the day you would really love to be out with your 6D, tripod, lenses.

You might peruse the cruise guide before you leave in regards to planned activities at each stop to help plan what gear you will bring. Many of the descriptions are much more impressive than the actual experience. The beautiful waterfall is indeed beautiful, but you are there for ten minutes along with 500 other people on buses from several cruise lines. I would love to get back to many of these islands to spend a couple days on my own to explore some of the beauty, culture, activities you see as you drive by in a van on the way to the beach or sugar plantation tour.

Norway and Alaska are different and are much more scenery oriented cruises than the Caribbean cruises which I found to be oriented to just get away to someplace warm!

I am going back down in 3 weeks! It is -8F (-22C) here in New Hampshire this am with a brisk wind on top of it.

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