Shutter Shock - Size DOES Matter!

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Re: Size of tripod DOES Matter! :) (sorry but I had to)

Anders W wrote:

stinelise wrote:

Anders W wrote:

stinelise wrote:

we got 3 EM-5 and now two EM-1´s and I have yet not managed to replicate any shutter shock theory.

I have to admit I have talked with a person who did have "similar" problems with one of the first EM-5´s and it was replaced by Oly and problems gone.

Lets hope the people at lensrentals or dpreview will take a look at it.

Those at DPR have taken a look at it in some cases. See for example here (bottom of page)

Sorry I only have GH2 - its hacked and only used for video. I was actually not talking about Panasonic ....

You said you hoped that DPR would take a look at it. I pointed out that they already have. Shutter shock is not a phenomenon restricted to only some specific models. Any camera body with a focal plane shutter will have it, just more or less so.

If you are interested in its whereabouts with regard to the E-M5 specifically, just search for it. This was the camera body that got the discussion going more than any other one so you'll find plenty of threads about it. You'll find plenty of threads about the E-M1 too, although not quite as many (yet).

As to DPR and the E-M1 specifically, have a look here

and here

Perhaps you can answer the question that Crock didn't manage?

DPR's policy on this is quite interesting. The newest review, about the Sony A7, does not mention it in the conclusions page, and this being a camera whose manufacturer specifically put in a semi-electronic shutter for this sole purpose.

It's an easy thing to bury in the sand, or bury yourself in the sand for.

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