Irrational views on SLT part duex

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My practical use of "ISO-less" technique ...

...I get the general principle and do feel it supports the notion of correct exposure as the driving principle. I am just not sure how practical it is to try and shoot lower ISO (to the point of blacking out the scene) all the time to reduce noise when other advantages are lost, such as seeing the output after the shot is taken rather than trying to correct in post processing. As a test its quite interesting.

Preface: I shoot RAW
Yes it is nice to see the review shot. 4 stops is a lot of "under-ISO". However, we went through the ETTR philosophy (from film era I believe) which incourages this ISO increasing. In my mind, it makes no sense to increase ISO to push the histogram to the far right. (where highlights may be blown). Other knowledgeable posters have said that a new camera UI philosophy will be required to handle the dark LCD JPG for this "shoot at base ISO" technique to become useful/popular.
In the meantime, I can set S and f and auto ISO and leave my camera at -0.7EV (lower ISO, no blown highlights and the JPG is still viewable). If your camera does not have Auto ISO in M mode, just set base ISO and choose S and f and for the brightest scene and shoot away. Brighten in PP.

For flash shots, with auto flash, I shoot exclusively at base ISO. This pretty much guarantees that the flash will dump the maximum amount of light that it can (thus maximizing exposure). This works well so long as recycle time is not an issue

Fun stuff to discuss -- my 0.02 on this raucous subject,

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