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Re: Rodeo, 8000 ISO

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Sweet! What lens were you using?

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Want a roXplosion!?

Most of it was shot with the Sony 70-400mm and a few at the end with the Sony 70-300mm.

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I think those shots are fine for downscaled web viewing. I always see examples on here but rarely does anyone show the full size picture.

My goal is to try to figure out how to get large, printable shots (at least 13x19) of my son's basketball. Even with a 5d3 and a 135/2 I'm not super thrilled with the results. I also hate being that wide open due to barely any DOF.

Perhaps I'll bump it down to 1/640 and just have a blurred ball. Shrug.

Well even my D800 falls short of what I would call pro grade images for low light sports. I am not a professional sports shooter my love lies in other areas. If you want really great high ISO control there's only one way to achieve it and that's with the Nikon's D3s or D4 or the Canon 1DX which would tie up a lot of money on something I rarely do. The two event photographers were shooting two D4s and a Canon 1DX and some serious glass as well. I thought I did ok for the slow 70-400mm lens and a inferior camera. I mean I can enlarge it in post and clearly see the bulls eyes and they are sharp.

There is a slight trade off to the SLTs and that's a stop more noise than the D800. I rarely go over 800 or 1600 ISO and at those ISOs I find the two cameras equal in image quality. The trade off to the D800 is an optical finder, diffraction, and having to think more about mirror slap when doing long exposures. It's a slow camera in live view and has a loud clunk even when shooting mirror up.

It all depends on ones needs and expectations. I have thought about buying a used sports camera but their not cheap. Sports is a crap shoot even for pros who mostly spray and pray with high end equipment.

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