Nikon DF bargain

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Nikon DF bargain

My DF is arriving this morning and I managed to get a body only with 300 shots on it for £2200

I also bought some primes so looking forward to testing it out over the next couple of weeks before I go on holiday.

I have had many cameras but this one looks like it ticks most of the boxes "for me".

Like most things I guess it's down to individual expectations, I was born in 1961 so wasn't old enough to remember so of the early stuff and my first camera was an olympus pen. As such. I personally don't draw any comparisions between the DF and the real FM2 etc so don't have a level of disappointment .

The appeal for me was first and foremost performance and for landscape and travel photography it's ok, I also like something a bit different and whilst it could have been made slightly better, I really think its different enough not to be classed as your typical DSLR.

It’s retro in the way that the modern Volkswagen Beetle is retro: a Beetle body on a Golf chassis. But I am fine with that, I think the mix is nice and it looks pleasing.

Nikon are not marketing this as a professional camera and it shouldn't be judged as such just because of its price.

What the camera does lack is innovation, but then again most DSLR's are being dragged into the 21st century by mirrorless, and reluctantly adding - apps, focus peaking, wifi, GPS just to be competitive.

For me I won't miss video, never used it and I think Nikon could have gone a step further stripping out some of the other stuff to keep it more of a purist camera.

Df is in reality just another DSLR but with a nostalgic look and nostalgic control scheme. For me, I like both it is about a camera looking great, feeling great, performing, delivering results, and a camera that you can have total control over, easily. One that excites you to go out and shoot.

Now is it worth £2749 in the UK, no one can answer that because it's only worth it if "you" feel it is, for me I wouldn't have paid that for one but I am sure the price will drop to nearer £2300 or so and the used market will start to produce some bargains. I noticed that a almost new one went for £1950 last night on ebay with lens. So I guess the message is don't buy new unless you have money to burn.

For me I hope this camera will give me what I haven't seen in other cameras and that's a connection with the camera and a feel good factor that pride of owning something different gives.

In terms of looks, well it's horses for courses and it's like marmite but remember its in the eye of the beholder, I think the A7 is a great piece of technology but it's not a photographers camera and it looks like an RX1 with an EVF and grip stuck on, but hey others love it.

So back to the thread title, is it a bargain?  Well it may be for some but anyway it's only a tool, it's the person behind it that will make it shine!



Nikon Df Sony RX1
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