Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

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Re: Yup ..

For Landscape
go for m43, because you usually need to travel / hike long to reach the destination and IQ of m43 is good enough as you are usually take static object and do not really shallow DoF
the 7-14mm / 12mm f2 are amazing piece of glass

For Snapshot/Street Photography
m43 rocks here, small and invisible, no doubt about it

For Portrait
FF DSLR is definitely better, there is no doubt about it; lenses are cheaper, produce much better bokeh, better DoF (remember you can STOP DOWN and boost ISO to increase Dof if needed; FF offers 1.5+ times better ISO than m43 for the same Shutter/Aperture)

For Macro
a D800 + 105 Macro VR is the best for sure; the details is amazing
No m43 camera + native macro lens can beat it

For Sport
PDAF is still better than CDAF even with EM1's hybrid AF, so go for FF DSLR
For Wildlife
FF DLSR, many lenses choice / PDAF; but expensive and very heavy
for m43 you can go for Panasonic 100-300, which is a much lighter/cheaper setup bit do not expect top IQ!

You really need both FF DSLR and m43!

Melbourne Park wrote:

Sergey_Green wrote:

And I like how it balances on the camera, strong and solid.

Try taking your FF lenses onto a plane with you ...

Do it all the time

I take all my lenses into the cabin with me. And my notebook. And an iPad sometimes. And some drives. And a flash. Its all light and compact.

or walking around on holiday.

Walk up high peaks, ski down the Alps, come down with pictures.

Plus, you sure stand out ...

Eye contact is very important for me when photographing people.

I think eye contact is really important too. And I've found that with an OM-D, I can hold the camera in one hand, and talk to people, and wave at them etc, while looking at the EVF. And then I can touch the EVF with a finger on the particular person's face where I want the focus to be (and your really need to, because the shallow depth of field means you are only going to get one person's eye's in focus) and bingo - the camera focus's perfectly and takes the photo. I get a natural photo, with people relaxed and natural because they've been talking to me and I haven't had to put my eye anywhere near a viewfinder. And it's all light enough to hold with one hand.

When you add a Nikon FF body, things get once again, a lot heavier. And bigger ...

And I can not tell you how good it feels to handle such cameras in gloves.

I've had my gear on yachts. I rang Nikon and Canon service departments, and they said forget taking any of the cameras into my environment, unless they were in full diving cases. With the Olympus sealing systems, I've washed down my gear under a tap. No issues whatsover. I have to wash them down, because of the salt water. And anyhow, on a pitching boat, a Nikon FF would be a weapon, especially with some big glass attached.

As far as gloves go - you are right with the EM-5. But the EM-1 looks glove capable. And if its so cold you need gloves - then at least the EM-1 will work at -10 Celsius. A Nikon FF won't.

the lens itself is almost 5 inches long, and it weighs almost 2 pounds.

Ok, any more points?

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