Dpreview A7 groundbreaking review

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Dpreview A7 groundbreaking review

The A7 is rubbish and here is why

the camera is made out of plastic, particularly the top plate, unlike the Fuji X-E, Nikon Df and D610 which are clearly metal clad.

the grip is not as wide as the D610 or E-M1 and is long and thin, which we hate, or is at the other way round, anyway it's just a detail.

the battery is non-removeble and definitely no external charger exists.

the IQ is worse then the E-M1, and no, there is no noise at base ISO on the e-m1 (which I have). Grudgingly I will say that the A7 IQ is very good but clearly I said the e-m1 is excellent in its review. This is all you need to know.

Let's be clear, other contrast detect cameras don't hunt in low light. The e-m1 does did you say ? You know that is taboo to mention

The menu is appauling, how dare sony make is so well ordered and logical and give all those options. Who do they think they are ?

fast in operation. what a joke. It's not as fast as a 1Dx which clearly means its rubbish. I can use any benchmark I please, particularly as the A7 is the most expensive FF camera.

it was released with no lenses. Oh yes the Zeiss ones but they are rubbish right, I mean the fact that 3dkraft says the 55mm beats the Leica 50mm Summilux is clearly a ruse to undermine dpreview. And no way Sony will release 10 lenses this year, they are clearly a cottage industry tiny company.

we all know the jpg pictures are cr @ p right, after all imaging-resource and cameraslabs said so (or did they, anyhow English is not my first language so don't bug me). And of course anyone in this market would only shoot jpg.

all the others reviews on the web are extremely positive which shows how clever dpreview is. I mean Ming Thein hates Sony's, he even say in a pre-review of the A7 before he had touched it, that it would be rubbish, and then had the Gall to then give it a positive review. And Kai, who hates sony, said the only disadvantage is that it doesn't come in pink yet. And poor mr Rockwell had to give the A7 a positive review.

its all a conspiracy.

and don't watch that youtube video which measures the db of the shutter and shows the A7R has a quieter shutter then competitor DSLRs, that is inadmissible evidence in the court of dpreview.

listen, the margin we make in the gear shop has nothing to do with it, let's be clear about that. And the US readers, who haven't bought into CSCs yet, are clearly not a big click through market for us.

anyway we did give it a silver award right, just to show we are not biased, after clearly telling no one it's for them.

and you guys with D800E's, Leica M9s and E-M1s who like the A7 more are clearly Sony employees.

i rest my case

toodle pip!


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