Shutter Shock - Size DOES Matter!

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Re: Of course shutter shock matters

sebiruns wrote:

"So is such "religious fanatism" what you would say distinguished the small group who first insisted that mother earth is round rather than flat and that she is moving rather than stationary from all those who said that such couldn't be the case because they didn't "experience" it?"

As I said. Get a grip.

I didn't ask for your advice and that's for a reason. I have a "grip" (sense of logic). You just provided a public demonstration that you don't.

We are discussing blurred pictures. Not quite the same magnitude as the switch from earth-centric to helio-centric worldview.

It appears you didn't get the point. It's not about the magnitude of the issue. It's about this the fallaciousness of your argument. See here:

And I don't doubt shutter shock exists. But this is a phenomenon in a human made product and therefore can be better or worse depending on the product.

Sure. So what?

This isn't a law of nature.

Shutter shock falls under the subdiscipline of physics known as "mechanics". Like other parts of physics, it is governed by the laws of nature.

You are not Galileo Galilei.

Why claim things noone is disputing?

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